Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Suggestions

Closes 31 Aug 2025

Opened 18 Aug 2023


We are looking for suggestions from the public for locations for publicly accessible Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargepoints. Our priority is providing overnight charging to support residents who are currently unable to charge near their home address, but we are also welcoming suggestions for faster charging at destinations (such as leisure centres or libraries) and on major road corridors.

Why your views matter

Our region is committed to the decarbonisation of transport, and an important component of this is the phasing out of petrol and diesel vehicles. In order to support the transition to EVs, we need to deliver over 1000 chargepoints across the region by the end of 2025, and around 4000 by 2030.

In order to ensure we are meeting demand, and placing these in the best possible locations we welcome suggestions from our residents, and visitors to the region, for where charging would be most useful to them.

Please note that while we hope to provide chargepoints where residents suggest them, there are a large number of practical considerations that may mean that this isn't possible. In this instance, we will still use suggestions to identify local demand and seek a suitable alternative.


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